Taj Wood Board Mills (Pvt) Ltd. Is a company that Specializes in manufacturing MDF, HDF, HDX, MRX & Shutter Board with high density. 700 kg/m3 to 1000 kg/m3. As a wood based product manufacturer TAJ Wood Board Mills likely service its raw material from sustainable cultivated tree (Poplar) and Utilizes modern machinery and production methods to create high quality Boards that meet World Best standards. They have best team of production and sales. It is imported to note that without more specific information about the company, this is only a general description of TAJ Wood Board mills (Pvt) Ltd. Could be.

Our Mission

Tajwood board Mills Limited will thrive as a proactive partner in prosperity of the nation,recognized as a center for state-of-the-art industrial facilities. Above all, Tajwood board Mills Limited will strive to be a model business entity where all primary stakeholders are intricately woven in progressive pattern, imperative for the economic growth of the nation.

Our Vision

Our Mission

Taj group Mills Private Limited strives to fulfill its commitments to society. Our strategic business vision, and sound business principles are aimed at quality production with maximum operating efficiency that eventually contributes towards national economy and social well-being of all the stakeholders. Pride in our heritage and a strong sense of community is reinforced by proactive planning and enhanced by effective management.

We Belive in Quality